Our goal is simple: Provide the best home for early stage startups, freelancers, and artists.

At Cowork Regina, we understand that people just don’t work the way they used to.  Technology has made the workforce more mobile, yet has also increased the need for shared resources, human interaction, and just plain old-fashioned fun at work.  So we’ve created a web of communal workspaces where freelancers, start-ups, and remote employees of larger enterprises can enjoy high quality office amenities at an affordable price.  At a convenient and accessible location in the heart of Regina, we provide an extraordinary workplace for our members; meeting rooms to meet with clients and give presentations; event space; and a wide variety of social and educational programming including happy hours, lunch seminars, workshops, and networking events.


Cowork Regina is a full service cosharing office space.  The amenities of this space include:

  • Ample and spacious open workspaces
  • Fast & secure WIFI
  • Conference rooms with whiteboards and projectors
  • Phone rooms and cozy meeting nook
  • Printing, conference calling and fax
  • Mailing and storage services
  • Men’s and Women’s Washrooms

And these great places are nearby:



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